Being a temporary worker doesn’t make you expendable - it makes you a valuable asset! Employers need people with your experience and skill set, and our job is to connect you both so that you can focus on doing your job, instead of searching for one.


GoLive! is our software that help you schedule the shifts you want to work, keep track of your hours, and communicate with your staffing managers when you have questions or feedback. We provide you with all these features in the palm of your hand when you use our mobile app.

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Login to your payroll profile to update your address, change your federal/state tax withholding, and update your direct deposit information.

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Human Resources

The Human Resources Department of Culinary Staffing Service values and takes great pride in each and every one of our outstanding employees. We foster a work culture that upholds our commitment to the fair selection and development of our diverse workforce.

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Sunday, April 7 2024

The Complete Guide To Cross-Training Your Hospitality Staff

Creating a self-sustaining, well-rounded team for your hospitality business starts with hiring the right people. From there, it’s all about training and encouraging your employees to do their best every day. Cross-training your hospitality staff aids in that process. If you’re looking for one trick to engage your staff and improve customer satisfaction, cross-training is the thing to do.

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Sunday, April 7 2024

13 Facets Of the Position Of Remote Workers In Hospitality

Since the rise of remote work in 2020, every industry has been hearing and talking about the benefits of remote opportunities. Employees have been enjoying working from home. New industries have been chomping at the bit. Employers have been seeking ways to integrate their roles with remote positions. 

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Sunday, April 7 2024

Culinary Staffing Expands Business Into the Bay Area

Breaking News: Culinary Staffing Expands Business Into the Bay Area!

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