Who We Are

We strive to support the goals and challenges of Culinary Staffing Service by providing solutions to workplace-related issues that support and optimize the overall operating principles of the organization. By doing this, we are able to shape, mold and create a positive & fair work culture, atmosphere and environment for everyone!

What We Value

Employee Development

We want all employees to continue to further grow and develop their skillset while working. We ensure that each employee is placed in an environment that offers challenges, growth and development.

Employee Opportunities

While we are a temporary agency, there is also the amazing opportunity for permanent placement. We strive for the success of our staff in permanent placement if they so choose it.


The key to our amazing culture are our policies & procedures that treat employees with dignity and equality while maintaining company compliance with employment and labor laws.


We value diversity as it is from where the Company derives and prides its strength


Courtesy and respect is the staple of our workforce.