Updated Hospitality Staff Uniforms for 2024: 14 New Looks

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Sunday, April 7 2024

Updated hospitality staff uniforms for 2024 serve to elevate your customer service and amplify the efficient operations of your business. Your staff, both front-of-house and back-of-house, are the backbone of your business. When they look put together your guests are treated to the finest service imaginable. 

Here at Culinary Staffing, we can get you the best staff to fill your roster. It’s up to you to dress them for the role they are hired for. These updated hospitality staff uniforms for 2024, from new outfits to specific materials and design attributes, will showcase the best of your business and bring guests back for more.

The Rules of Updating Hospitality Staff Uniforms

The rules of updating hospitality staff uniforms stem from the impact uniformed service has on hospitality businesses. Uniformed service ranges from door attendants to bellhops to bussers to valet to concierges and so much more. When your crew is decked out in top-of-the-line uniforms for your industry, the face of your business shines bright for guests. 

Some questions to ask yourself when choosing uniforms include:

  • What makes for a top-of-the-line uniform in your business and industry? 
  • How do you decide what looks best? 
  • How often should your uniforms be updated?
  • How much personalization should be in each uniform component?

The answers you find will guide you in the hunt for the perfect uniforms. These 14 updated hospitality staff uniforms for 2024 will also assist in that search. From local touches to eco-friendly fabrics to embracing inclusivity, these new and improved looks will rock your uniform closet. 

1. Local Design Significance

If you’re in a unique local spot, such as Palm Springs or a destination location, local designs should play a role in your uniforms. You can work with a local artist for an embroidered emblem or use local color palettes for your tones.

2. Customizable Uniform Options

Customizable uniform options are perfect for widespread crew usage. One of the best options is to offer shirts and pants in several styles and shades of the same color. This involves a mix of fabric types, collared and uncollared tops, and different pocket options for pants.

3. Digitally Printed Designs

Digital printing is rising in the design world. You can implement it in your uniforms with a digitally printed logo or piece of art that represents your brand. The digital aspect makes it easy to mass-produce these uniforms to be cost-effective. 

4. Sleek Aprons

Aprons are a consistent factor in back-of-house uniforms. There are many types of aprons, and the best types are sleek aprons. There are options with a good amount of pockets that don’t add bulk to the design. A plain color, like black or gray, also adds to a sleek appearance. 

5. Eco-Friendly Fabrics

There has been a growing awareness of the environment and what we can do to be more eco-friendly in recent years. You can add eco-awareness to your hospitality uniforms by using eco-friendly fabrics. A bamboo blend is one of the best choices for comfort and cleanliness.

6. QR Code Design

A QR code design has a direct impact on your customer service. It may sound strange, as QR codes are generally used on placards and information pamphlets. A well-placed QR code on a uniform, such as a menu code on wait staff shirts, makes it easier for guests to get what they want.

7. Digital Identification

Digital identification eases processes on behalf of your staff. This technology is being rolled out in new industries. The general premise is to have identification built into a uniform. It makes it so a staff member can walk through a locked, restricted-access door with the security system reading and recognizing the tech in their uniform.

8. Athleisure Style

Athleisure style has been sweeping through the fashion world for several years. It’s all about comfort and moveability. Those two factors are highly desirable in a field of work where constant movement is a guarantee. Walking the line between athleisure and sleek designs will depend on your business and brand. 

9. Footwear Diversity

Providing footwear diversity in your requirements for shoes gives your staff more to choose from and find their comfort. Having general rules, such as closed-toe shoes and good traction, keeps things safe and sanitary. Beyond those basics, offering a range of footwear makes for happy staff.

10. Inclusive Sizing

Inclusive sizing is an absolute must among the updated hospitality staff uniforms for 2024. The best way to have the right size for every employee is to keep your uniforms as made-to-order and order-as-needed when folks are hired. You’ll avoid an extreme stockpile of uniforms and keep your staff satisfied.

11. Anti-Wrinkle Fabrics

Anti-wrinkle fabrics are the bee’s knees of hospitality uniforms. They’re priceless in terms of headaches avoided for your staff and yourself. Anti-wrinkle fabrics can always be relied upon to look good no matter the tasks of your staff.

12. Tech and Task Designed Pockets

Tech and task-designed pockets are one of the most innovative choices on this list of updated hospitality staff uniforms for 2024. Do your staff have notecards they pass along to guests? Those should have their own pocket. Does your kitchen management need a tablet to keep orders organized? A made-to-fit pocket provides easy access!

13. Outerwear Pieces

How many of your staff spend time outdoors on the job? What’s the weather like when they’re out and about? For everyone from hosts to valets to bellhops, a mix of weather-wear is a must. Jackets for the winter and optional shorts for the summer run the gamut. 

14. Smart Fabrics

Smart fabrics are a newer, still unfolding piece of the hospitality uniform puzzle. Some examples are fabrics that alter their snugness depending on the temperature, or gloves that light up in the dark for extra illumination. Investing in these new technologies will put your uniforms ahead of the curve.

Frequently Asked Questions About Updating Hospitality Staff Uniforms

Updating hospitality staff uniforms is a task that comes with plenty of questions. How often should you update uniforms? Do you update management uniforms? What factors of uniform maintenance are important for front-of-house and back-of-house staff? In our answers to these frequently asked questions you’ll find this information and more.

What Is the Dress Code for Hotel Employees?

The dress code for hotel employees is, at a base level, designed around always looking clean and presentable. This goes for front-of-house and back-of-house staff, though the specifics for each role and space will change. Uniforms should always be well-maintained, with backups on hand in case of spills. 

What are the Types of Uniforms Used In a Hotel?

The types of uniforms used in hotel and general hospitality businesses include:

  • Button-down white, black, or navy tops
  • Blazers and coats
  • Khakis, black slacks, or sleep skirts
  • Color-palette matching, comfortable shoes
  • Closed-toe shoes
  • Ties or neck scarves

These are some of the broad uniform expectations in hospitality. To get more specific, we’ll dive into front-of-house and back-of-house needs. Front-of-house uniforms should include:

  • Sport jackets and sleek coats
  • Lapel pins
  • Gloves for door attendants and bellhops
  • Ties and accessories
  • Branded uniforms

On the other side of the equation, back-of-house staff uniforms do best to make use of:

  • Moisture-wicking fabric
  • Tidy, multi-pocketed aprons
  • Heat-resistant fabric for kitchen staff
  • Colors that hide stains 
  • Sturdy shoes with insoles

All these factors of hospitality staff uniforms revolve around comfort and presentation. That’s the goal of the hospitality uniform. It keeps your staff comfortable and able to work while adding to the visual appeal of your business.

Why are Uniforms Important In the Hospitality Industry?

In the hospitality industry uniforms are important because they solidify the bond between staff and present a unified front to guests. They promote unity and make it easier for your staff to feel part of the team. When you hand a bellhop a pair of well-made, branded gloves on their first day, they instantly feel valued. They also add to the view guests have of your business. 

What Do Hospitality Managers Wear?

Hospitality managers typically wear trousers, a vest or nice jacket, a button-down shirt, a tie, and black shoes. Different seasons, temperatures, and occasions can affect this look. Short-sleeved shirts with only a vest can be worn in the hot summer months. The tie can be upgraded to a bowtie for black tie events being hosted at the location.

Hospitality Staff Uniform Updates: Which Looks Represent Your Brand?

The right updated hospitality staff uniforms for 2024 are all about what suits your business, brand, and guest-facing presentation. Are modular uniforms the way to go? Should you focus on adding a bold color to a shirt or jacket? Is your business leaning into eco-friendly tourism in a way that benefits from eco-friendly fabric? All these questions play into how your staff uniforms affect your business.

Staffing is the name and game behind quality hospitality uniforms. Having staff who wear the uniform with pride and draw in guests time and again makes any fabric look good. Culinary Staffing can help you there. Reach out today to hire from our pre-interviewed quality candidates.