8 Unique Personalized Service Offers In Hospitality

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Sunday, April 7 2024

Including personalized service offers in your hospitality business is a fundamental component of engaging with guests and instigating loyalty in your customers. Personalized offers give your business an edge, something to set you apart and elevate your standard services. No matter your type of hospitality business, there are personalized services you can offer.

Here at Culinary Staffing, we’re ready to help you hire the staff you need to act on your personalized offers and create a thriving guest environment. This Culinary Staffing blog will get you started learning why personalized services take your business to a new level of exceptional customer service. 

Expanding Your Personalized Service Offers In Hospitality

Your personalized service offers will grow with your business. There are opportunities for new offers in times of new locations, seasonal changes, and ongoing business growth. In your initial implementation of personalized services, it’s best to start with some of the basics, such as:

  • Personal flower choices in suites
  • Pre-selected specialty menu options
  • Inclusive concierge services

As you manage these offerings, the time will come to include more and expand on these options. These eight unique personalized service offers in hospitality can be used as they are, or serve as the foundation of ever-evolving facets of the guest experience.

1. Bespoke Decor

The usage of bespoke decor makes for a subtle touch of personalization. Bespoke, by definition, is a product or service designed with a specific customer in mind. You can tailor decor in this way by acting on requests for coffee types, flowers, extra pillows, and more. 

2. Personalized Welcome Messages

Personalized welcome messages can be peppered through your hospitality business. In a hotel, these messages can crop up in emails, at check-in, and around specified areas of the room for different purposes. In restaurants, welcome messages are best suited to be placed at reserved tables.

3. Dedicated Concierge Services

Dedicated concierge services are a classic mark of a high-class, comfortable, and efficient establishment. Investing in this branch of your business provides guests with a place to go for all their needs, wants, and queries. When you offer a concierge, you’re better able to handle the desires of all your guests.

4. Space-Exclusive Tech Customization

Space-exclusive tech customization is an up-and-coming personalized hospitality service. It relates to hotels and private spaces in terms of temperature control, lighting, and smart features. These features can also be applicable in dining situations in a booth or reserved room for banquets and private dinners.

5. Private, Custom Dining Experiences

Private, custom dining experiences are one of the best places to start with personalized service offers in hospitality dining. You can create custom menus, rearrange the restaurant seating for large groups, and host specialty cuisine monthly events for VIPs. Consult with your chef to find inspiration for creative custom dining offers.

6. Personalized Guided Tours

Personalized guided tours are most suited for hospitality businesses in unique localities. Of course, you can always start with tours of your establishment, including your wine cellar and other notable features. Beyond that internal exploration, guided tours around town, organized through your concierge services, will be a draw for guests seeking adventure.

7. Customized Room Amenities

Customized room amenities for hotels include everything from hair products and types of coffee to specialty pillows and sheets for VIP clients. These types of customized amenities are also something you can provide in dining experiences. Those can come in the form of selected bottles of wine or special-order ingredients.

8. Exclusive VIP Access

Exclusive VIP access is a personalized service you can further personalize for your business and location. Do you have a concert hall where you host live events? Are you a business partner with any local theaters or entertainment spaces? Your VIP experience for guests can shift and grow with the offerings you have available. 

Guest Satisfaction and Personalized Service Offers In Hospitality

Personalized service offers in hospitality are proven throughout the industry to increase guest satisfaction. The key areas where personalized service offers work their magic for guests include:

  • Enhanced comfort, in everything from rooms prepared to guest specifications to meals created as requested.
  • Improved communication, as the line of communication between guests, yourself, and your staff flows better when guest requests and comfort levels are personally managed.
  • Service differentiation, because personal service offers make your business stand out from all the rest. This, in turn, leads to guests returning time and again, as well as recommending you to friends, because of the exceptional experience at your establishment.

These areas of guest satisfaction are among the pillars of benchmarks and KPIs in hospitality. When you work to anticipate and exceed guest requirements and make your business a home away from home, you’ve created a business that will last.

Frequently Asked Questions About Personalized Service In Hospitality 

Personalized service in hospitality is a service concept built around the need to encompass guest needs. Your personal service plan may start with minimal options and grow as you receive guest feedback and expand your business. 

All along the way, questions will come up about how to offer and manage these services. Our answers to these frequently asked questions are the place to start learning.

What are Examples of Personalized Service?

Some prime examples of personalized service, which apply to hospitality and other industries, include:

  • Personal welcome messages
  • Personalized amenities selections
  • Tailored dining experiences
  • Personalized tours
  • Handwritten notes and notices from management
  • Transportation arrangements
  • Curated local recommendations
  • Special event services
  • Concierge services
  • Personalized turndown services
  • Provided reading and entertainment materials
  • Customized room and dining setups
  • Personalized shopping services
  • Childcare provisions
  • Personalized cooking classes
  • Itinerary planning services
  • Customized floral arrangements
  • Personalized feedback forms

All of these services provide additional guest comfort and satisfaction. Alongside the last point on this list, personalized feedback forms, you can provide a space for service requests. Your personalized service offers and management should be designed to fluctuate with guest needs.

Why Should Customer Service Be Personalized?

Personalized customer service has been shown to cultivate loyalty in customers and guests. Statistics from McKinsey & Company have found that 76% of shoppers are likely to purchase due to personalized services. Additionally, due to personalization, 78% of shoppers will repurchase from those brands and businesses.

Customer and guest service aims to provide value and comfort for guests. That is precisely the reason to implement personalized services. The more guests feel at home, the more time they spend in your establishment. 

Do Consumers Prefer Personalization?

According to overarching studies, consumers prefer personalization in hospitality, retail, and digital business services. Across inclusive statistical analysis from Porch Group Media, 63% of consumers have acted on buying decisions based on personalized messaging. 47% stated that it was something they would have wanted to buy before personalization.

This breakdown shows that when you have a quality service or product, coupled with personalized service, it enhances the guest experience. 

For example, your specials menu, full of your best offerings of the season, will draw in those looking for something unique. When you personalize the sharing of those specials, however, your guests will find it easier to access and enjoy their meals. Personalized service increases your ability to connect with your guests.

What Is the Biggest Advantage Of Personalization?

Some of the biggest advantages of personalization are:

  • Enhancements for your guest experience
  • Increased customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Higher potential for revenue
  • Competitive advantage in your market
  • Opportunities for innovation
  • Positive brand image, inviting more people to visit your establishment 

Personalization shows guests that you care, which, in turn, increases revenue and brings in more guests. These advantages can be grouped under the larger goal and benefit of creating a business that caters to customers. In this world of fast-paced service and depersonalized interactions, nurturing personalization is one of the best business moves to make.

Does Personalization Increase Revenue?

Personalization has been shown to increase revenue by 5 to 15%, coupled with a 10 to 30% bump in marketing ROI. These numbers may seem small out of context. The impact they have on your profits, however, is exponential. 

For example, consider a guest who is spending $1000 a night on their stay and experience. A 15% increase nets you $150 for that night. Over time, these increases lead to a greater financial position for your business, more satisfied front-of-house staff and back-of-house staff, and increased customer satisfaction. 

Hospitality Personalized Service: What’s Your Guest Experience? 

The more you focus on your personalized service offers in hospitality, the better you’re able to provide a next-level experience for guests. In this bustling industry, you’re up against competition to the nth degree. Personalized service offers are ways to show guests that you go above and beyond for their comfort and enjoyment. 

Mastering your personalized services starts with a well-rounded staff. That’s where Culinary Staffing can help! From Palm Springs to the Bay Area, we’re your touchpoint to reach a wide pool of ready-for-hire candidates. Reach out today to work with our staffing experts and expand your business and personalized services with the best staff hospitality has to offer.