Alberto Vital is our December Employee of the Month!!!

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Friday, December 1 2023

We wanted to extend our heartfelt congratulations on being awarded Employee of the Month! This recognition is a testament to Alberto’s hard work, dedication, and outstanding contributions to our team. Alberto’s commitment to excellence and the positive impact he’s made in our workplace hasn’t gone unnoticed. He consistently goes above and beyond, inspiring his colleagues and setting a remarkable example for everyone. His achievements reflect his exceptional skills and unwavering determination. This recognition is well-deserved, and we are truly delighted to see his efforts being celebrated. 


We met up with Alberto and here is what he had to share: 

Culinary Staffing Services

Do you have a favorite quote?

Alberto Vital: 

My favorite quote is “Rise and rise again until the lambs become lions”. This quote has been stuck with me for years, and pretty much means to never give up and always push forward until you reach your goals. 


CSS: What is the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten?


AV: One of weirdest things I have ate in my life was chapulines (fried grasshoppers). I don’t recommend it to anyone just because of the idea of grasshoppers  My family members really enjoys eating them. DISGUSTING!


CSS: What is your favorite sport?


AV: My favorite sports go from basketball, baseball, and football. 


CSS: What is your greatest fear?


AV: My greatest fear is heights; funny thing is I want to become a firefighter in the future. 


CSS: You’re happiest when?


AV: I am at my happiest when I am around my family and my girlfriend. Those are moments that I will forever cherish because tomorrow is never promised. 


CSS:  Where is your favorite place to eat?


AV: One of my favorite places to eat is at boiling crab! Every time I go out with my girlfriend, that’s the first place I always suggest. 


CSS: Where would you like to travel to?


AV: I want to take a vacation out to the Philippines, Costa Rica, Bahamas, or Maldives.


CSS: Best vacation you’ve been to?


AV: My best vacation was in Mazatlán. One of the most beautiful beaches in Mexico. I would definitely recommend this place, in my honest opinion it’s better than Cancun. This vacation is also very memorable because it was one of the last vacations I got to go with my father.


CSS:  Which one would you want most – flying cars, robot housekeepers, or moon cities?


AV: FLYING CARS DEFINITELY! Transportation would probably be much easier especially with all of the traffic we have to deal with here in LA. That will be epic but we’ll see what the future has in stores. 

Once again, congratulations on this well-earned honor Alberto! Your continued success is an inspiration to us all, and I’m confident that you’ll continue to achieve great things in the future. #decemberemployeeofthemonth #lovewhatyoudo