Our October Employee of Month is Natalie Santeramo!

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Sunday, October 1 2023

Congratulations Natalie Santeramo! We are delighted to recognize her for her hard work. Natalie is a team player, with a super professional attitude and a proactive nature. She is warm and welcoming to all our guests. We are grateful that Natalie has a “service first” heart and takes care of our guests with great pride. Natalie works both Front of House and Back of House positions for Culinary Staffing Services. Natalie excels during every shift and has made it on many of our client’s preferred list. We were able to catch up with Natalie and this is what she had to share. 

Culinary Staffing Services: Before working at Culinary Staffing, what was the most unusual or interesting job you’ve ever had?  

Natalie Santeramo: One of the most interesting jobs I had before working at Culinary Staffing was a private chef job for private poker tournaments. The players and staff on site were some really interesting characters.

CSS: What is the favorite part about working for Culinary Staffing? 

NS: Culinary Staffing has given me the opportunity to work with some amazing people and at different events and in some amazing kitchens across SoCal. The amount of experience I have gained in my time with Culinary Staffing has been hugely impactful on my life. I am incredibly grateful to have come across this opportunity. 

CSS: Best vacation you’ve been to?

NS: The best vacation I have been on was a Culinary Tour of Italy, Spain, and France back in 2018. It was the most amazing experience and I still reflect on it often because it helped fuel my passion for this industry. 

CSS: Favorite travel spot?

NS: My favorite travel spot is Santa Barbara. Its such a beautiful place.

CSS: If you could meet anyone in the world dead or alive who would it be and why?

NS: If I could meet anyone it would be my grandfather. He passed away when my dad was 5 years old and he was a restauranteur and had several successful restaurants before he passed. I’d like to thank him for passing on his love of this industry to me and I hope I’d be making him proud.  

CSS:  If you were on death row, what would your last meal be?

NS: My last meal would for sure would be Pasta Fagioli. It’s so comforting. 

CSS: If you were an animal what would you be?

NS: I’d be a dog for sure. Given the right circumstances and the right household, I’d be given treats and love and get to sleep all day. 

CSS: Top three life highlights?

NS: First, getting to visit Italy. Second, getting engaged to my best friend, Trevor. And third, honestly, getting Employee of the Month is pretty amazing and I’m going to cherish this for a while.  

CSS: What books are at your bedside? 

NS: Right now, I have “Let’s Talk Spanish”, “A Little Bit of Meditation”, and “Field Guide to North American Truffles”.

CSS: What else do you do for fun?   

NS: I love being able to get outside and go camping with my Fiance and friends. There’s nothing better than being in nature and spending time with loved ones.

Thank you for your service!