Victoria Anderson is our Employee of Month July!!!

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Sunday, July 2 2023

Victoria was nominated for July’s Employee of the Month because she’s always helpful and reliable. She’s a very positive individual who works hard with our back of house staff. She receives great feedback from clients and has worked for our company for over four years. Her dedication to the company represents the best of Culinary Staffing Services!

We sat down with Victoria to learn a little bit more about her. This is what she had to say.

Culinary Staffing Services: What is your favorite job you have worked?

Victoria Anderson: I worked on a cruise ship was my last long-term gig. I toured all of the Islands of Hawaii and I was able to get a suntan. Haha

CSS: What is your favorite quote.

VA: My favorite quote is “Anything is possible!”

CSS: What is your favorite

VA: My favorite foods are shrimp fried rice and combo pizza. (I am hungry now thinking about it…. Haha)

CSS: What is your favorite sport?

VA: My favorite sport is basketball; I am a great player! 

CSS: Define success for us?

VA: Success to me is finally realize that you are self-employed and that you are the CEO of yourself.

CSS: Can you share an exciting time you were recognized?

VA: At the age of 13 I won an award for the best basketball player in my school. 

CSS: What do you love most about working for Culinary Staffing Services?

VA: I love this job because it allows you to have a flexible schedule.  And the bonus is you get to work at some pretty amazing places with great lunch options. Yay!

CSS: What makes you happy?

VA: Well, I am always happy go lucky. There is always something to be
happy about. Even the small gestures of kindness is a good reason to be happy.

CSS: What did you want to be when you were little.

VA: When I grew up my favorite fashion was playing dress up in my mom’s clothes.

CSS: What is your favorite thing to eat?

VA: My favorite thing to is to eat gourmet food. Yes, I m a proud foodie.

We are excited to have Victoria on our team here at Culinary Staffing Services and we thank her for her service and commitment. #lovewhatyoudo #culinarystaffing #employeeofthemonth