Tracy Triggs is Our Employee of the Month for April!

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Saturday, April 1 2023

Tracy was nominated for April’s Employee of the Month because she’s always consistent, a very positive individual, and communicates and follows the rules.  She receives great feedback from clients and has worked for our company for some time now. In addition, she is listed on a VIP client’s preferred list and every week she continues to be polite, professional, and friendly! She’s polished, well-spoken and represents the best of CSS! We are excited to have Tracy on our team here at Culinary Staffing Services and we thank her for her service and commitment. 


Tracy specializes in Front of House operations in numerous roles, including but not limited to Captain and Server shifts. When Tracy is not serving our amazing community, she enjoys hiking. For Tracy, hiking is a form of meditation, and she feels great when she can get out and spend time with nature. 

Culinary Staffing: How has CSS helped you in your career development?

Tracy Triggs: Culinary Staffing has helped me discover a line of work I had no idea I would love so much! It provides me with flexible scheduling and great venues that I have in some cases driven by lots of times as a LA native but never been inside. 


CSS: What do you like most about Culinary Staffing?


TT: My favorite thing about CSS is the easy system they have created for booking jobs and the friendly people that I work with. Whether it is on the client side or fellow servers I have met amazing people. Golive is such a user-friendly system. It took nothing to learn it. I apply, get confirmed and work…simple as that. My most favorite thing is getting emails that read “you’ve been requested”. I know the client appreciates me when I get those. 😊


CSS: What is your role at Culinary Staffing?


TT: My role at CSS is that of Server. I try to go to work with the spirt of “how may I help you? Whether that is a guest, fellow server/staff or to the dream team of scheduling managers in the CSS office. I think “how can I best serve this person?” Being a Server is a great fit for me. 


 CSS: Any random facts you could share with us?


TT: I spent 25 years working in healthcare in various capacities. The last ten years I worked as an auditor of physicians/hospitals on behalf of the federal government overseeing documentation compliance. Serving is a big shift from that. 


CSS: Do you recall any embarrassing moment at work?


TT: One time when I was serving at the Torrance Marriott, and I spilled salad dressing down front of a guest’s dress. It was 100% my fault and the guest was NOT understanding about it.  She demanded her dress be dry cleaned (totally understandable) and she spent the rest of the night shielding her head in a dramatic manner EVERYTIME I walked past her even when my hands were totally empty. Shout out to Christine at the Marriott for being super understanding and adding me to their “preferred” list AFTER that happened because she understood bad things can happen to good servers. 


CSS: How do you define success?


TT: I define success by whether I am happy. I only workplaces (whether for CSS or elsewhere) where I enjoy working. If I like the people and feel appreciated…I am happy. I choose jobs that have people I enjoy working with and where I look forward to working. I can make money lots of different ways, but I can’t spend hours in an environment I find miserable to work in. 


CSS:  Do you have a favorite quote?


TT: My favorite quote is by Maya Angelou. “When people tell you who they are believe them the first time.” I find that quote to be 100% accurate and words to live by.


CSS:  Motto or personal mantra?


TT: “You got this, girl! You can do it!”


CSS: What is the best book you have ever read?


TT: “The Game of Life and How to Play it” by Florence Scovel Shinn. This little gem is a quick read but if you follow the simple principles, it can change your life.  


Special Thanks again to you Tracy for allowing us to get to know you and for all your hard work!