Meet Dee Freeman, Our November Employee of the Month

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Wednesday, November 3 2021

Our November Employee of the Month is Delores (“Dee”)  Freeman. 

Dee Freeman has been working for Culinary Staffing since 2019, and according to her, it feels like she just started yesterday. Time flies when you’re having fun, right? 

While she usually takes server positions, Dee has worked many Front of House jobs as well (She’s got the contagious smile that’s perfect for the job, as you can tell from the photo!) and occasionally, she picks up a dishwasher shift. 

Dee says the most rewarding part of her job is the opportunity to meet and work with so many kind people in the industry. “The people I’ve met in this field are some of the nicest, most giving people you will meet anywhere.” 

The downside? “One of the most challenging parts is saying no to food that is calorie-laden!” Dee laughs. “I think I’ve gained seven pounds since joining Culinary….thanks, guys!” 

At home, Dee turns to her southern roots for cooking inspiration. Black eyed peas, cornbread, fried chicken, corn on the cob, and pecan pie slathered with ice cream for dessert. 

(note from Culinary Staffing Service: must get a dinner invite to Dee Freeman’s house!) 

Dee says punctuality, the ability to be observant and attentive, being positive-minded and people-friendly, having excellent listening skills, a good memory, the ability to multi-task and work well with others - especially under pressure - plus having solid communication skills are all traits and skills a person needs to do well in this line of work. 

If all that sounds like a lot, don’t be daunted. Everyone makes mistakes, and Dee has an answer for that, too: “Know that you’re going to make mistakes. Learn from them and move on.”

And how does she unwind after a long shift? “I’m a reader. I jump into a good novel because reading is fundamental…at least that’s what Ru Paul keeps saying on Ru Paul’s Drag Race.” 

Congratulations, Dee. We’re so happy to have you on the Culinary Staffing team!