Three New Bills Have Restaurants and Caterers Saying 'Cheers!'

A Los Angeles Attorney Shares Legal Advice On Reopening Safely!

Wednesday, October 13 2021

Here are three reasons for restaurants, catering companies - and any venue serving food and alcohol -  to celebrate! 

Last week, with the help of the California Restaurant Association, three new bills were signed by the Governor’s office: AB61, SB314, and SB389. Each of these bills were designed to assist the hospitality industry recover from the state-mandated lockdowns and other Covid-era economical hardships.

Below is the CRA’s own summary of the three bills and the relief measures they provide:

AB 61 (Gabriel + Gipson) provides important flexibility so that restaurants can safely expand outdoor dining with alcohol service and continue to serve local communities. This includes a streamlined process for restaurants to obtain proper permitting without additional permit and financial hurdles.

SB 314 (Wiener) mirrors AB 61 with respect to ensuring the public can continue to enjoy outdoor dining with alcohol and small neighborhood businesses can continue to benefit. The legislation also allows greater use of existing catering permits at the same location in a given year. By increasing the number of times a catering permit can be used at the same location within one year, SB 314 will be helping accommodate additional methods for safe dining and entertaining options.

SB 389 (Dodd) extends for five years the ability for restaurants to sell beer, wine, and cocktails with “take-out” meals picked up by the customer. (Under pre-existing law, beer and wine can be delivered from restaurants to consumers).

You can read more about these relief measures as well as the continued work of the CRA HERE. 


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