Meet Mark Giese, Our September Employee of the Month

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Thursday, September 2 2021

Mark Giese, your favorite local bartender, is our September Employee of the Month. He’s been with us since 2014, working both as a bartender and server at several locations. So, why did we choose Mark - and more importantly, why did he choose us?

Always up for a challenge and always professional, Mark is a favorite wherever he goes. He says he likes the variety and change of pace that comes with working for Culinary Staffing. “The variety of the jobs and job sites often forces you to step out of your comfort zone, which can be nerve-racking at times, but that’s how you learn and grow.”

Every great bartender has a signature drink, and Mark’s is unique and spicy! His signature Asian Spice Margarita combines classic margarita elements with different Asian-influenced spice blends. “It’s a great drink, and it’s pretty different from anything you’ve had before. If you want to try one I’m available for hire.” 😉

We took him up on that!

If you’re thinking about getting into the bartending scene yourself, Mark has some tips.

“The main qualities that make anyone a good bartender or server are organization and flexibility, and especially the ability to not let one of those throw off the other.”

Mark emphasizes that a good shift isn’t only about the tips, although the tips are certainly very important. “In this town you work all kinds of events, see all kinds of things, and meet all kinds of people. Some shifts are just fun environments to spend a few hours in.”

Los Angeles bartenders always have the most interesting stories to tell, and Mark shares his over his favorite end of the night drink…which isn’t what we expected, but certainly sounds delicious:

“I have developed quite the ginger ale habit, but a very specific, very spicy ginger ale from North Carolina. It’s very hard to find out here, so I order it from the factory by the case. It’s so spicy and different from any other ginger ale. And at the end of the day I’ll sip it like fine whiskey.”

And to nibble? Mark says the best bar food in LA usually comes from a food truck parked outside. He’s not wrong. 🌮 😋

Congratulations, Mark! We’re so happy to have you be part of the Culinary Staffing Services family.