Katelyn Yang is Our August Employee of the Month

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Tuesday, July 27 2021

Katelyn Yang joined our team just over four years ago as a cook and pastry cook. Since then she has added barback to her list of job titles, but cooking is her true passion. Here’s a look into her work life, and why she’s our August Employee of the Month.

Before she came to Culinary Staffing, Katelyn worked full time in several pastry kitchens in Chicago. She made the bold move to trek cross-country to Los Angeles in 2014, and says she is happy with the move both professionally and personally. While working flexible hours that give her the freedom to pursue outside interests, she has also been able to start her own dog treat business on the side. Nice!

Another perk of her flexible schedule:  She has more time to enjoy the great outdoors that SoCal is known for. 

“I love the flexibility that CSS offers, both in hours and locations. I love knowing that I’m not locked into any single location with a set schedule where I have to plan my life around work, knowing I’ll miss out on certain events. For the first time in my life, I have a great work/life balance.” 

We also believe a healthy work/life balance is better for productivity and longevity. That, and working with good people. Katelyn agrees. 

“The best part about working with CSS is the different people I get to meet. There’s so much diversity! Some have their own catering company, some just moved from across the country, some moved from halfway around the world.” 

 So, what does this up-and-coming chef cook for herself at home? Nothing too complicated. 

“Despite the balance I’ve had, there are days where I come home, famished and exhausted. I’ll make an easy meal of steamed jasmine rice and fried egg,” she says. (hey, we think that sounds pretty darn tasty )

And while she loves California, Katelyn hasn’t been here long enough to find a favorite restaurant. Back in Chicago, her favorites were Jack Melnicks and The Girl and the Goat. “Jack Melnicks has a great selection of beer and great chicken wings. I loved their PB+J wings! The Girl and the Goat has small shared plates with an ever-changing menu and fresh flavors.” 

We’re sure she’ll find a few favorite spots here in LA in no time.

We’re so glad to have you on the CSS team, Katelyn Yang!