Sean Mudd is our June Employee of the Month

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Thursday, June 3 2021

Sean Mudd is our June Employee of the Month, and he’s been with us for over twenty-two years! 

From his Executive Chef role at the Mulholland Tennis clubs to numerous other chef and cook positions, Sean has been a Culinary Staffing favorite since 1999. And for good reason. 

“I enjoy all facets of being a chef,” Sean shares. “I love the creativity. I love the exactness of  managing budgets. I love interacting with the staff and guests. I love being able to serve others and have the opportunity to turn someone’s bad day around.” 

And he gets to do that on a regular basis, fortunately for those who get to taste the fruits of his labor. Sean enjoys knowing he’s been able to create and deliver a positive, memorable dining experience. “I love being able to make a special moment for someone who may have had to save for months just to have this one night at a venue. That trust is everything!!!”

So why did such a hard-working, passionate Executive Chef choose us to work for? 

“Working for CSS gives me the opportunity to become a better chef by understanding the “why” of how line cooks think. Cooks will speak/talk with you as their peer differently than they would as their superior. Also, going into different kitchens gives me the opportunity to see what my colleagues are doing (both good and bad). I am always looking to learn and be able to exercise that knowledge in all that I do.”

When he’s not standing over a hot stove, Sean enjoys spending time with his family, or reading a good book with a great glass of vino. But what does a chef like Sean eat during his downtime? A southern man, he first turns to the foods he grew up on. 

“I love the foods I grew up on in the South. Fried chicken and Kentucky style greens with Pot Likker are some of my favorite foods to eat.  I love heat and I am experimenting with making my own hot sauce.”

Sean says he also enjoys trying foods from other cultures, with sushi being a favorite for when he finds the time to go out. 

“When I go out to eat I like small, family run ethnic eateries or even a great taco stand. For me it is as much about the love of the food that people want to share as the food itself.”

Congratulations on all of your success, Sean! We’re proud to have you as part of our Culinary Staffing family.