Our May Employee of the Month is Jake Biddlecome

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Tuesday, May 4 2021

Our Employee of the Month for May is Jake Biddlecome, our Staffing Coordinator here at Culinary Staffing Service.

Jake has been with us for two years now, having first started at our receptionist desk in 2019. Last year, he found his true calling here as our staffing coordinator, and is tasked with helping our staffing managers with open shifts, outreach and recruitment, and generally keeping our workflow on track. We have many positions to fill in the hospitality industry, and couldn’t do it without Jake’s time management and organizational skills!

He says working with the team is what he enjoys most about the job. “Things change almost weekly in this business, especially since the pandemic. It keeps you on your toes, but I love working for a company that adapts to change so well, and I’ve learned a lot along the way.”

We appreciate Jake for not only adapting to all of the changes during this past year, but also making them just a little bit easier for everyone else.

Because we’re a culinary staffing firm, after all, we MUST ask - what does our staffing coordinator love to eat after work?

For Jake, the answer was easy. Pizza!

“I’m a big fan of Trader Joe’s pizza dough. Just stretch it and throw on some toppings, and make a pizza. Somehow it’s best after being reheated.”

Good tip! Thank you for keeping our Culinary Staffing team’s wheels in motion, Jake!