Small Business Owners, Don't Panic About $15/Hour. We Can Help!

A Los Angeles Attorney Shares Legal Advice On Reopening Safely!

Wednesday, February 3 2021

The proposed federal minimum wage increase to $15 an hour will not come all at once, but rather happen gradually over the next few years. Many small business owners, especially restaurants that can’t afford the increase, worry it will mean having to lay off employees. But don’t worry just yet!

There are ways to offset the wage increase, keep your staff, and keep your sanity, too! 

Outsourcing your employee-related services like HR, insurance, and payroll can greatly offset the cost of rising wages in multiple ways. 

Payroll Expenses - Payroll, when done in-house, can be very expensive, especially if you’re using the traditional paper time card method. Did you know that in-house payroll for small businesses can cost an additional 50,000 per year? 

HR Services -  Training software, time spent onboarding and training new staff, and other employee-related expenses can add up quickly. Outsourcing these services allows you to pay one low fee with NO surprises! 

Insurance and Worker’s Comp - You’re probably paying too much already. We make sure your cost stays low and above all, your business is in full compliance so you’re always 100% protected. 

Culinary Staffing can handle all of this and more, keeping your operational costs low and giving you back the most valuable business asset of all - time. 

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