Chefs and Cooks and Dishwashers, Oh My!

A Los Angeles Attorney Shares Legal Advice On Reopening Safely!

Sunday, November 29 2020

Calling all chefs, cooks, line cooks, prep cooks, dishwashers and food assembly line workers!

WE ARE HIRING for all of these positions, and more! And we need employees who have brains, courage, and heart. Is that you? We bet it is. And you don’t need a wizard behind a curtain to tell you that! The intelligence to choose your destiny, the courage to go out into the world and be fearless, and the heart to love your work and the people around you - all of that is already who you are. And we want you to join our team!

Even though most restaurants in Los Angeles County are closed for dining service, restaurants, catering companies, and other commercial kitchens are still in business. Our agency staffs many kitchens all over Southern California, and they need experienced hands on deck, especially during the busy holiday season.

So whether you’re a seasoned Chef or an entry level prep cook, we have jobs for YOU. Courageous, smart, caring people who make the culinary world of SoCal truly exceptional.

Full-time, part-time, flexible and last minute posiitons are all available.

Maybe you need to pay the rent next month, or maybe you’re just looking to save for your holiday shopping list. Whatever your situation, we want to help.

No need to click your heels together three times or follow a yellow brick road. Simply follow THIS LINK to apply!