This is How Our Culinary Family Will Make it Through 2020

A Los Angeles Attorney Shares Legal Advice On Reopening Safely!

Wednesday, November 25 2020

We’re all ready for 2020 to be over. This has been a very tough year, and we know everyone in the hospitality industry has struggled enormously, especially here in Los Angeles. We want you all to know that we see how you’ve persevered, and we understand the ongoing challenges that lie ahead for the remainder of the year.  

But this is how you will make it to 2021. 

Human connection is powerful, and the human spirit is truly amazing. When life gets hard, we turn to our family, our friends, and our neighbors for strength. We consider you to be a vital part of our extended family, and we are ALWAYS here for you. Maybe you need last-minute staff, or maybe you need help with payroll, or maybe you have new questions about compliance or insurance. 

Or, maybe you just need to be heard. We hope you will never hesitate to reach out to us. No request you may have is too big or too small. That’s a promise. 

Our culinary family is resilient when we come together, and when we are together, we are strong.  Stronger than we ever realized. And it is this human connection, this great spirit of resilience, that will get us through 2020, and we will ALL come out on top in 2021. 

Stay strong, stay close, and stay connected. 

And Have a Happy and Delicious Thanksgiving!