Staffing Agencies: Who Benefits Most? Employers or Employees?

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Tuesday, November 10 2020

Why Do Employers and Job Applicants Alike Prefer Using a Staffing Agency?

If you’ve never used a staffing agency to find a job or to hire someone for a job, you may be wondering what the benefits are, exactly. If you’re a job seeker, why not just go straight to the source? And if you are hiring, will an agency really help you find better candidates? These are great questions, and we have answers. But first, let’s be clear that every industry is different, so in this post we are only going to address the hospitality and food service/production industries. After all, these are our areas of expertise!

For employers in our industry, the benefits of using an agency come down to three main categories: Time, Money, and Risk. 


The hiring process can be a very long one, and not something restaurant owners, hotel managers, and other employers can always spend the time on. It can be tempting to hire the first few people who apply simply out of time constraints, and that’s never a great idea. Using an agency frees up an owner or manager’s time so they can focus on their job and let the experts do the hiring. This also results in better quality candidates because an agency will do the background checks and make sure candidates are experienced and pre-qualified.


Many hospitality venues have high turnover rates for their staff, which is typical, but can be costly if you’re processing paperwork and doing your own payroll taxes and employee expenses. When you use an agency that manages all of this for you, you’ll always save money by paying less overall in these types of costs. 


Many staffing agencies like ours handle 100% of the personnel work, meaning you won’t have to worry about insurance and compliance. At Culinary Staffing Service we manage all personnel including hiring, firing, payroll, compliance, and we are fully insured, so you have peace of mind. No risk necessary. 

What About Job Seekers?

For workers, the agency route has different advantages. These break down to three main points as well: time, money, and freedom. 


If you’re out of work and seeking a restaurant or other foodservice job, it can take a lot of leg work to find out who’s hiring and land an interview. An agency will interview you right away and get you a job much more quickly than going it alone, and since time is money, let’s get right to that benefit. 


The main way agencies let employees make more money over the long term is by keeping them in jobs. It’s simple. If you are paid by the hour, then the more you work, the more money you make. While many businesses may only have a certain number of hours to offer you, when you work for a staffing agency like ours,  you are free to choose to work as little or as much as you’d like. Which brings us to our final and probably most important point: freedom!

Freedom (and flexibility) 

The freedom to create their own schedules and set their own hours is often the top reason our employees enjoy working for us, with flexibility and diversity of jobs falling close behind.

Instead of having to report to a restaurant manager who creates your schedule for you, with us, you have the freedom to select when and where you work. Love a certain location? Sign up for it. Don’t feel like working there that week? Try another shift somewhere else. Mix it up all you want. Variety is the spice of life!