James Park is Our November Employee of the Month

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Wednesday, November 4 2020

A big congratulations to James Park, our November Employee of the Month! 

James comes to us with an impressive cooking background, having worked with stars like Sang Yoon and Neal Fraser. In case these names don’t ring a bell, Sang Yoon is chef and proprietor of Father’s Office gastropub and Lukshon restaurant in Los Angeles, and you can read more about him HERE

Neal Fraser is Chef at Redbird, and if you haven’t experienced the cathedral setting of that restaurant, you are in for an other-worldly experience! Check it out right HERE

So how did we attract a star employee and accomplished rising chef like James Park to Culinary Staffing Service? Well, According to James, it was because he liked the diverse list of venues we offer, which give him the opportunity to cook in various locations. Experiencing different kitchens and neighborhoods across LA is rewarding, fun, and gives him even more ways to fine-tune his craft while making money. Gotta love that! 

Like most of us, James is a pizza lover, and says his favorite place for a pie is Out of the Park pizza in Anaheim. “It’s not your ordinary pizza. The toppings are unique.” 

He’s a fan of the ham and pineapple pizza. Hey, it’s not for everyone, but what is? We applaud his eclectic style and taste - in pizza, in cooking, and in life.

Thank you for being part of our team, James Park!