The Extra Care That Goes Into Staffing Our Healthcare Clients

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Thursday, October 15 2020

In addition to the many restaurants, entertainment venues, food packaging and manufacturing companies we staff, we are also fortunate to serve our wonderful healthcare sector. Providing our state’s top hospitals with the very best people for their kitchens and dining halls is something we take great pride and joy in doing, and here are just a few reasons why.

Our local hospitals, including our esteemed clients Martin Luther King Hospital, Torrance Memorial Hospital and Cedars Sinai Hospital, are home to some of the best doctors, nurses and healthcare workers in the region, and arguably some of the best in the country. They have had a lot on their plates during the Covid-19 crisis, with many long hours and sleepless nights. We thank them for their service and I think we can all agree they deserve our respect. But there are also some other heroes - some might call them unsung heroes - working just behind the scenes.

I’m talking about our food service workers, of course. The cooks, dishwashers, food handlers and others who keep the kitchens and cafeterias running in these fine hospitals deserve our acknowledgment and gratitude. After all, healthy food doesn’t come out of a vending machine in a waiting room! Fresh, healthy food that is especially crucial in a healthcare facility must be made by people, not machines. And not just any people - hard-working, trustworthy, reliable, caring, skilled people. That’s where we come in.

Clean Hands, Kind Hearts

When we fill jobs for hospitals in their dining halls, lunch counters and kitchens, we are not just “filling a job.” We are sending the very best people who understand and respect the healthcare environment they’re committing to working in. People who we know and trust ourselves. Because we feel that the patients, those who love them, and the hospital staff alike all deserve that. They deserve the best, just as they give us their best.

It’s not only that our employees are trained to uphold the strictest hygiene and sanitation standards (which they do). It’s not only that they are experienced with safeguarding the health of those they are preparing food for. We take it one step further than all of that, you see.

We provide hospitals with people who care. People who live up to the meaning of what healthcare is all about. People who will not just put food on a tray, but who will serve it with a smile. A helpful extra napkin or two. A gesture of human kindness. Because in times like these, it’s the little things that make a big difference - down to that last dinner roll someone like Kennard (our July Employee of the Month) pulled fresh from the oven to serve warm to the patient who asked.

If your healthcare facility is in need of professional, caring food service staff, give us a call. We’re right here.