Ashley Heisler is our October Employee of the Month

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Thursday, October 1 2020

Ashley Heisler has been part of our team since December of 2019. She started off as a bartender, and a kickass bartender at that! But since bartending jobs are often seasonal, we suggested that she take the server test, which she passed with flying colors.

After working as a server for a few months in several locations, she landed a job with our client, Little Kingston Jamaican Restaurant. And it was there that she really found her joy and pride in serving.

From day one, Ashley quickly became a favorite at Little Kingston, and she’s very happy that she has stayed with them for so long. She loves the food, her co-workers, and of course the guests, more affectionally known to Ashley as her “regulars.”

“We are all a tight knit group and I like that.”

So what does a star server like to eat? Ashley loves to try different foods, but tells us she can’t live without rice, bread and vegetables. No carb haters here, please!

Still, Ashley hasn’t forgotten her bartending life. She loves the creativity behind making the perfect Espresso Martini, Irish Coffee, and all the multi-ingredient, inventive new cocktails. And she can’t leave out those party shots!

Ashley is excited by how her life has evolved in the past 6 years and is passionate about the restaurant and bar industries, explaining that she enjoys having a “community type career.”

She is excited to see where she will go from here, and we’re just as excited for her. Ashley is a professional, stellar employee and we are thrilled to have her on our Culinary Staffing Service team!