Nana's Kitchen Caters Mexican Meals that Taste Like Home

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Tuesday, September 29 2020

From a food truck serving lunch to a thriving catering business, Nana’s Kitchen has become a SoCal favorite for authentic Mexican food.

Angie Garcia, known more affectionately as “Nana” has been cooking tamales, tacos, enchiladas and other Mexican dishes for most of her life, and with the help of her children, turned her homemade meals into a full-time business. What began as a simple lunch truck offering street tacos and corn on the cob in 2000 has since flourished into a full-service catering company.

Nana’s Kitchen serves the entire Southern California region, catering events and parties with a crowd-pleasing menu of tacos, enchiladas, ceviche, and other Mexican fare alongside a few American classics like burgers, hard-shell tacos and macaroni salad. This is food that will please all ages and taste buds, and is perfect if you want to serve your guests a home-cooked meal that tastes just like what their Mexican grandmother would have made - because it is! And for those of us who weren’t fortunate enough to grow up with authentic Mexican food, Angie’s cooking is a special treat.

You can order all the familiar tacos like Asada and al pastor, and there is an option to upgrade to flap steak and all-white chicken. There are also plenty of vegetarian and even vegan options like tofu with pesto, soy chorizo and grilled veggie fillings. You can get a little fancy with sea bass or Mahi Mahi tacos, or keep it simple with a tray of cheese enchiladas and a burrito station.

No great Mexican menu would be complete without churros and creamy homemade flan, and Nana’s Kitchen offers both. Oh! And we can’t forget the delicious and refreshing aguas frescas that make choosing very difficult so you may just have to order them all. Watermelon, tamarind, cucumber-lime and horchata are a few of our favorites.

You can find Nana’s Kitchen catering menu with prices and all the other details HERE.