The V Tree Might Make You Go Vegan!

A Los Angeles Attorney Shares Legal Advice On Reopening Safely!

Monday, September 14 2020

After recently being highlighted on local news channels during Black Restaurant Week, our client, The V Tree (Hollywood location) deserves another mention. They are currently taking part in Dine LA Restaurant Week, which continues through September 18th.

Now is a perfect time to try The V Tree’s soul food inspired vegan dishes, especially if you’ve never tried a vegan restaurant (and if you haven’t, what are you afraid of, the Brussels sprouts?).

Even if you are usually a steak and potatoes fan, you’re going to love the food here. You definitely do not have to be vegan or even vegetarian to fall in love with the flavors created by Chef Velvet, who happens to be one of the most sought-after celebrity chefs in Los Angeles!

We went for the cornbread, which is fabulous, but will keep going back for the very hearty yet 100% plant-based soul plate. It has everything you could want in a plate of southern soul food minus the artery-clogging fat - but you’ll never miss it! The vegan fried “chicken” “shrimp” with dairy-free macaroni and cheese plus an extra side of veggies is filling, healthy, and delicious. And if soul food isn’t quite your thing, you may just fall in love with the African peanut stew. Or the sweet potato cheesecake (no dairy, still vegan!)

The restaurant is located inside Hollywood’s famous Chinese Theatre, and for now is open for takeout and delivery.

We are honored to be able to staff The V Tree and not just because of the excellent food and service, but the community Chef Velvet serves. When she’s not in the kitchen creating, she is working with her foundation “Vegan in the Hood” which teaches underserved communities the importance of community gardens and growing their own food. You can read more about Chef Velvet and The V Tree HERE.