Blue Can Water is Essential!

A Los Angeles Attorney Shares Legal Advice On Reopening Safely!

Thursday, September 3 2020

We’re proud of our client, Blue Can Water, for being the #1 provider of emergency drinking water in the world - right here in Southern California!

Blue Can Water is purified drinking water that has been hermetically sealed in BPA-free, pressurized cans. The water has a 50-year shelf life and won’t spoil or change taste in drastic temperatures - like those California heat waves that keep coming. And unlike plastic bottled water, it can even be stored in your hot garage or a warehouse without climate control, because the packaging ensures its stability.

Companies like Warner Brothers, NBC and FOX stock up on the water for emergency preparedness, alongside government agencies and organizations including NASA, FEMA, and Homeland Security. With clients like these, you know this is the product you want to have on hand should an earthquake or other disaster strike.

We take seriously our commitment to providing the highest quality staff to Blue Can Water and work with them continually to make sure they have what and who they need to keep this product in supply.

America’s production and assembly lines are going strong, and we are grateful for companies like Blue Can that not only provide America with essential products like this, but with manufacturing jobs that keep our country employed.

We may need to pop open a can for a taste check! You can read more about Blue Can Water HERE