About Us

Our Vision

To provide high quality staffing services that exceed expectations. We set the standard in our industry and we’re proud to live up to our own reputation with every client we serve. By providing consistent, flexible staffing solutions with a personable approach, we continue to be ranked among the Top 100 Women Owned Businesses by the Los Angeles Business Journal, year after year.

Our Values

We are in the business of building relationships - both with our staff and the clients we serve. And we believe that all good relationships are built on trust, commitment, and open communication. We value our professional relationships and take pride in every detail of our work.

It’s not just what we do; it’s who we are.

Our Staffing Management Team

We are dedicated administrators who are the main points of contact for not only our clients, but our employees in the field. We take pride in our service of excellence, and in bringing what so many other agencies lack: personalized service. We know our clients and our employees as individuals. This personable approach is one of the key values Culinary Staffing Service is committed to, and what has guided us through twenty plus years in the business. We look forward to many more years to come!

Our Marketing Team

We communicate how we are unique and tell the story of our company as we grow and evolve. Our marketing team creates and publishes content that educates and engages with our current and expanding networks while always staying true to our core vision and values. Read our news section, follow us on social media, and check out our podcast!

Our Software Development Team

We are dedicated to ensuring our employees, clients and staff are able to use our software efficiently and effectively. As a team, we continually seek new ways to provide beneficial features and solutions that meet everyone’s needs and keep our online systems running smoothly.

Our Sales Team

Our sales team is at the front line of our organization, forging new relationships and building new ones. In addition to communicating with clients, our sales team conducts industry research and analytics to ensure that Culinary Staffing Service remains a leader in the industry.

Our Human Resources Team

We are dedicated to maximizing the potential of our greatest asset – our employees! We embrace change as well as the opportunities that come along with it. We strive to deliver quality customer service to both external and internal customers (Our staff, clients and third parties alike). We are committed to recruiting, developing, rewarding and retaining our stellar workforce.

Our Payroll & Finance Team

We are the people who love math and working with numbers! We process payments, handle invoices and accounts, and keep the banking side of our business on track. It is our job to maintain accounting accuracy and compliance with state and federal regulations. We value transparency, reliability and efficiency in all that we do.

Our Approach

We approach everything we do with our core values of excellence, integrity, and teamwork.

  • We believe in treating people like people, not numbers.
  • We value hard work and self-responsibility.
  • We believe in finding and bringing out the best in people.
  • We take our commitments seriously
  • We strive each and every day to raise the bar of excellence.
  • We respect each other, and ourselves.
  • We believe teamwork builds character and accountability.